DMAC442 "green_something"

Lyrics and Music D. Macey

Written: 7/18-19/08

Copyright © 2009 DMAC442 DMacey Music


Pick a color from the air I don't care

Hope is real, I feel it everywhere

and I feel clean when I mention your name


Feels good to buy those thoughts away

Hope was real, I felt it yesterday

and all I have to do is mention your name


Green something...the world in which we live

in which we lie

Green Something...I thought I saw you in that alibi

Green something...the color of the envy in your eyes

Green Something, Green Something, yeah, yeah, yeah

...our last goodbye.


J Beaver - Drums

D Macey - Electric Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Backing vocals

Arranged By: D Macey, N Ferrier

Recording: N Ferrier.D Macey

Produced/Mastered By: D Macey

Courtesy D Macey Delaware Bay - Fortescue, NJ Circa June 2007