DMAC442 "Down"

Lyrics  D. Macey 8/26/02 , Music: D. Macey / J. Beaver Copyright Ó 2003 DMAC442

Well there's no such hiding place from this downward spiraling slate

Why worry? Help is on the way w ith some tea and Mr. "J"

I feel like I'm slipping down!

Well, I've been down, down

Comin' up to breath well, you know what I mean

Yeah, I've been down, down

Get up, get down, get in, get out, right out (of town).

In this primal darkened age l ies some desperate carnal rage

Half full, half-empty, is the same w hen you play this downer's game!

  I know I've been slippin' … I know I've been slippin' down…




J Beaver - Drums

D Macey - Electric Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Backing vocals

Arranged By: D Macey

Recording: D Macey

Produced/Mastered By: D Macey

Photo: Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada circa January, 2002 Courtesy - DMacey