DMAC442 "Tied to nothing"

Lyrics and Music D. Macey

Lyrics/Music Written: 6/14 - 7/1/07

Copyright © 2009 DMAC442 DMacey Music


So many times I wanted to say...

but I'm not sure you'd listen

The radiant beauty in your face

Clouds my very judgment're nothing without it

Search through the emotional maze...

or maybe that's just what I'm thinking

Your eyes permeate the haze...

still I'm just left there standing're nothing without it


J Beaver - Drums

D Macey - Electric Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Backing Vocals

Arranged By: D Macey

Recording: D Macey

Produced/Mastered By: D Macey

Lake Wallenpaupack Courtesy J. Beaver Circa August 2004