DMAC442 "Hey um"

Lyrics and Music D. Macey

Written: 2/03-2/14/08

Copyright © 2009 DMAC442 – DMacey Music


A simple word, a lovely phrase

Cannot find a way to say…

I feel quite numb

Crossing the “I”'s and dotting “T”'s

Scrambling all the words

That seem to come


Hey um…hey um I can't seem to find the words

Now that you're gone

Hey um…hey um but I'm sure I'll find a way

To live on…


Blast the great-white people eaters

Playing at your local theaters

The great mind-dump…

Is all there is for some


J Beaver - Drums

D Macey - Electric Guitars, Piano, Bass, Vocals, Backing Vocals

Arranged By: D Macey, J Beaver, N Ferrier

Recording: D Macey, N Ferrier

Produced/Mastered By: D Macey

"February Ice" Courtesy D Macey Circa February 2007